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The Mosaic Software Qt Developers Suite 1.1 is now available!

  • The Mosaic Software Qt Developers Suite 1.1 is now available! Our new version has all the enhancement requests we received from our customers and the community over the past six months. We offer an easy to use widget library that encapsulates commonly needed functionality, as well as intuitive data models that can be shared among widgets. Enjoy developing rich user interfaces on a wide variety of platforms and programming environments with Mosaic Qt Developer Suite.

    The Mosaic Qt Developer Suite aims at providing commonly needed widgets in a library API that can be easily used by a Qt application programmer. The Mosaic Qt Developer Suite integrates with Qt Creator and Qt Designer to allow the application programmer the full use of Qt development tools across all the platforms that Qt supports.

    The Mosaic Qt Developer Suite 1.1 provides the following widgets:

    Mosaic Graph: All Mosaic graph widgets (2D/3D/Polar) allow the application programmer to set a mathematical equation. The widgets will then graph that equation. By changing the constants in an equation one can create an animation. The Mosaic graphing examples animate the equation rendering over a discrete range of constants. This is more to show how fast the rendering engine is than to show anything mathematically useful.

    The math parser behind the graphs was created from Flex/Bison C code generated from a math grammar. This means the math parser can parse a full range of math equations from polynomials to polar equations. The math parser can also be used separately if the application programmer has a need to evaluate an equation outside of the graph. This is exposed in the MosaicMathUtils library.

    Mosaic 3D model Rendering: The Mosaic 3D model rendering widget allows users to render the following 3D formats ~ Maya Obj, Collada and 3DS.
    Mosaic Table: The Mosaic table widget allows the application programmer the ability to freeze columns or rows. The top, bottom, left, or right section of the table can be frozen. Currently only one section can be frozen at a time. The section being frozen is separated by a thick grey bar. Table cells can span multiple rows and columns. Mosaic Table also provides the capability to import and export data to and from a comma separated (CSV) file. When a CSV is dropped on the table the file is parsed into the table’s data model. The model can then be passed on to a Mosaic bar or pie chart.

    Mosaic Chart: The Mosaic charting widgets use model-view architecture; this is to say that each widget can have individual data models or share one. If the widgets share a model, then when the model is updated all of the views using that model will be updated as well. The view of each chart can also be viewed two dimensionally or three dimensionally. Additionally the Mosaic2D and 3D bar, line X/Y (time/data), model view and pie charts that can be exported as .jpeg or .pdf formats.

    Mosaic Field: Widgets for doing text validation, i.e. phone numbers, dates, zip codes and other input fields. The widgets will validate data based on a regular expression.

    Each widget can be used individually as a Qt Designer plugin or programmatically. Qt Creator/Designer is not required to use Mosaic Qt Developer Suite. When used as Creator/Designer plugin, Mosaic Qt Widgets will be displayed in the palette. The application programmers can then drag and drop any of the Mosaic widgets from the palette to the container canvas.

    At Mosaic Software, our GUI development solutions and time-saving services ease the toughest development challenges for customers worldwide. We deliver world class; industry leading, innovative solutions and professional services that help organizations get more performance and productivity from their mission-critical applications in diverse industries across the globe. Through a deep expertise and a continued focus on what works best Mosaic Software helps our customers worldwide meet higher expectations for their development.

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