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How can a firm check my certifications?

  • I have done last year all the three Qt certifications.
    In my country these certs hardly known.
    How can a firm (who will employ me) check that my certifications are valid?
    I applied to several firms as a Qt developer.
    Sad to say, the firms in my country are very mistrustful.
    I always have to confirm my knowledge in every application, I always have to make a C++ test and/or Qt test.
    This is so annoying! I have thought that these exams will "validate" me.
    Any idea?

  • There has been a "discussion": about online cerificate verification, but I don't know if there has been any progress yet.

    As disappointing as this may sound, but I do think the problem is on the part of the companies you apply to, not on yours. All certificates contain your name, a candidate id and a certificate id which can be for sure used to manually verify your certificate asking PearsonVue or Nokia - if the companies wanted to do that in the first place.

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