Fervor, a simple multiplatform application autoupdater inspired by Sparkle

  • Hi,

    one of my Qt projects required an autoupdate mechanism and I didn't find a convincing one, so I created my own. Maybe you'll find it useful or even contribute:

    bq. "Fervor":https://github.com/pypt/fervor is a simple, multiplatform (Qt-based) application autoupdater, inspired by "Sparkle":http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/.

    • Multiplaform (works / should work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ...).
    • Checks for updates both automatically and manually.
    • Displays release notes.
    • Updates might be skipped or installed later.
    • Backwards compatible with Sparkle (can use the very same appcast RSS).
    • BSD license.

    It's not so much an autoupdate library at the moment (it only shows a link to the user with an update, and the user has to install it him/herself), but it does the job.

    Check it out: "Fervor at GitHub":https://github.com/pypt/fervor

  • Really cool. I'm very much in need of such a kind of library. One doubt. Can I use this for Mobile applications, like Symbian...?

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