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Add Tag dictionary

  • The results of the search of already used tags are working typically quite decent in the add tag field.
    However, I found that they are not always finding all possibilities. Recently, I came across an Android post and wanted to add "necessitas". Remembering the sound of the word may not help in the sequence of letters. That is exactly one of the cases where one is appreciating the proposed entries. I started out with "nec" and ended with three entries, but no match. So, I started with "nes" no match again. On the "tags" page it does work and found I found that it has 60 and more entries already.

    My assumption is that the mechanism chosen is different. Probably in the "add tag" field an English dictionary is used and "necessitas" is probably Spanish or Portuguese?

    IMO it would be less confusing to have only entries from tag list displayed.

  • The autocompletion is a bit slow from time to time - some kind of AJAX I would guess. For me, typing "nec" brings up 4 suggestions.

    The completion is from a tag database, not a dictionary.

  • In my case typing "nec" brings up three suggestions immediately. Those are "netconnection", "network connection" and "network connections". Waiting a bit does not help.

  • That's really strange. Please open a report on Jira, Gurudutt and MariusG are busy with something else, so this bug doesn't get lost then.

  • I have filed a "bug report on JIRA":

    It becomes even more mysterious. It was working correctly for a moment on iPad Safari. Shortly after it showed the same as on other machines with Chrome and IE.

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