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How to stop PathView Repetition in QML

  • Hi All,

    I want to use pathview in my QML file in a QT Quick project. But i am not able to control the repetition of images in the path view . Is anyone have any idea that how to stop the repetition of pathview. Thnx in advance or any other thing that can be used in place of pathview except ListView .

  • I think it is currently impossible.
    A very very hakish way is to use a ListView instead and do the transformations by hand, based on contentX and contentY.

    But this is very very diry

  • I am also facing the same problem. Did anyone found the solution?
    I have three image buttons in my main menu and I want to use keyboard and mouse both to move these image buttons left and right. Can I use Flickable too? I will appreciate your suggestions.

  • Me too! Is there any solution?!

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