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Feature request: reverse iterators in QT

  • Hello there.

    Recently we had a task that we thought we could easily solve with an std::find_if and a QString::const_reverse_iterator combination.

    We were sure that if QString has an iterator and a const_iterator types, it should have reverse iterators as well. But it does not. So, since QString tries to keep some kind of compatibility with STL, why does not it have reverse iterators?

    I guess that all the containers that may have reverse iterators (like QByteArray, QList, etc.), it should have them.

    Thanks in advance :-)

  • Hi talis,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your chances to get something done will get up when you make a feature request at"jira":

    Btw, you will need to sign in first again.

    Please add a link to the request you ade here, so other visitors can find it easily.

  • Hi Eddy!

    Thanks for the warm welcome :-)

    Here is the link to the issue:

    Good luck.

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