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I've written at least 3 "simple" Qt apps I can email

  • Qt examples too complex for starters?
    I am certainly no guru but

    All 3 work with Qt SDK and are fun

    (1) QtFigs4: example of SAX, paintEvent(graphics) and collections
    (2) Lottery: example of paintEvent(graphics), designer and collections
    (3) calculator: example of paintEvent(graphics) and designer

    Sometimes the basic usage of these elements is difficult to
    extract from a complex example. (e.g. I seem to remember a "chart" example)

    I could create simpler examples but they would NOT be so much fun.

  • It would be great if you could put those examples into the wiki!

  • yike!!! doesn't the wiki have a complicated format?

    I'll look at it

  • think I will email these examples on a simple request

    I brought up toys to see if there is code there...not possible

    Wiki is strange!

  • You could also put them on gitorious and add a link :-)

  • So the Wiki syntax scares you more than writing C++ code with Qt? That is the spirit! :-)

  • I have barely avoided getting to be fluent in any or all of these
    SELINUX ( and something else on the same order)
    many others

    I am already spread too thin according to potential employers

    other careers
    C# net4
    Oracle (10+ careers)
    HOWEVER I may try it!

  • If you are not going to place examples into the wiki, at least share them with all of us using an online repository (github, bitbucket, sourceforge, ...) and do not forget to specify a license under which the examples can be (re)used.

  • working on making your suggestion happen

  • here they are:
    "Your text to link here...":https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtexamples/files/

    sourceforge is unnecessarily complex...grandiose

    all 3 examples work but require a gunzip, tar xvf and execution (readme.txt file in each project )

    sourceforge gurus advise..please

    The Lottery example will be changed to allow personal selection of 6 external values
    to run against 6 generated values

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