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Kitware, Inc. (makers of CMake) looking for a Qt application developer

  • Kitware is an open-source company, and if you're a computer geek, you're probably using some of our software, or applications built using our software, every day:

    Open-source packages from Kitware include:

    • CMake: our cross-platform project build specification system that is downloaded over 2000 times per day
    • VTK: the visualization toolkit on which Kitware was founded, for advanced scientific visualization
    • ParaView: our end-user application for high-performance computing and visualization, voted #1 by HPC Wire

    We are seeking talented C++ programmers at the BS and MS levels of expertise in computer science to join our office in North Carolina. Experience with Qt, revision control systems, software design patterns, and our software libraries (e.g., CMake, ITK, VTK, or Slicer) is preferred. A passion for programming is required!

    By joining our team you will participate in a dynamic work environment with exceptionally talented co-workers committed to high quality development practices; and collaborate with esteemed researchers from around the world by:

    • helping to create the next-generation tools for community-supported open-source software development
    • developing advanced visualization applications and data processing systems that handle images from the newest medical devices, data from the largest super computers, and signals arising from atoms and solar systems and all things between
    • creating user interfaces and software infrastructure that are used by people, every day, around the world, to change the world

    How to Apply:
    Please email your cover letter and resume both to and for immediate consideration.

    Kitware is an Equal Opportunity Employer and proudly supports Affirmative Action.
    Please, no recruiters or agencies without a previously signed contract.

    About Kitware:
    Kitware is a collaborative R&D company. We work with academic and industry partners to develop cutting-edge solutions in medical imaging, computer vision, and scientific computing. Our work builds on a popular and extensive open-source software base which serves as a catalyst for new collaborations and allows us to provide cost-effective solutions. This business model, refined over the past 14 years, has enabled Kitware to be continuously profitable--averaging over 31% growth in revenue in the past 5 years--and receive recognition as one of the fastest growing software companies in the country.

    Kitware team members enjoy a small company environment, flexibility in work assignments, and high levels of independence and responsibility. Besides a great work environment, our comprehensive benefits package includes a generous compensation plan, flexible working hours, six weeks paid time off, 401(k), health insurance, life insurance, short- and long-term disability, flexible spending account (FSA), hardware budget, bonus, and free coffee, drinks and snacks.

    About Carrboro, NC:
    Carrboro is less than one mile from Chapel Hill and the UNC Chapel Hill Campus. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill was recently votes the best place for business and careers in the USA according to Forbes:

  • Hi

    Is a remote (Europe) employment available?

  • I've got good news and bad news. First, the bad news...Kitware doesn't hire remote employees. Now for the good news...we do have an office in Lyon, France. So, if you are interested in moving to Lyon instead of North Carolina, you should send your resume and cover letter to He leads the office in Lyon.

    However, you really should check out the links provided about Carrboro, North Carolina. I always thought I would end up in a big city; but after coming to UNC for my Ph.D., I've decided to make this place my home: great people, food, entertainment, college life, weather, outdoor activities, bars, music, beer, wine, and coffee (I'm an addict). Also, if you need to get away, Raleigh is 30 minutes away, the beach is 3 hours to the east, and the mountains are 3 hours to the west. Our offices are in the heart of the town - surrounded by students, families, parks, restaurants, bars, and much diversity.

    All of this and more can be yours...if you're an outstanding C++ and Qt programmer. :)

  • Thanks for the prompt reply Stephen.

    I have a family, so relocation is a tough decision for me. Although, Carrboro, NC sounds great, indeed (I'm not a fan of big cities either). :)

    All the best!

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