Menu Project

  • I was curious ifI could get some idea on how to get started on my project. Here is a brief description:

    • Should have some buttons or menu keys that when pressed should show different things
      like system health or battery status

    • Should have a space which will display what the user types

    • Should have area that displays a system clock.

    Now I am a true Novice in this so I am having ahard time getting started. Things I am getting stuck are:

    1. If a menu button has different functions popping up, like battery status, system status(ie what mode the system is in).
      they all would be a different program. How do I put these together? For example, I can look at the Battery Status example that comes with QT SDK, but how do I implement it for my project? HOw do I just use the progress bar and not the whole nokia phone showing up on my project?

    2. Same with system clock. I look at the digital clock example, but how do I make that part of my window?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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