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  • Hello everybody,

    I'm not sure this is the correct place for my question, so if anyone find it's not the correct place, please, tel me (and where ;-)).
    My question is about Qt sources, and more precisely "corelib_global.h" (which can be found in "src\Plugins\qmldesigner\designercore\include")
    I would like have a little more information about what is mentioned in it :
    @// Unnecessary since core isn't a dll any more.
    //#define CORESHARED_EXPORT@

    I would like to know the reason why it was chosen to remove this define.
    Was it a technical restriction ?, really justified or just some clean up ?
    Consequence is that it is now impossible to use the core services from a plugin (Or do i miss something and there is a way I don't know)

    Hope someone could help me, or give me clues to find information

  • For historical reasons the whole core of the qml designer was a separate lib. At some point we changed this.
    But there is nothing stopping us from exporting these symbols again. If other plugins want to access or extend the model we can change this.

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