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Searching a class description via website search feature -> results in everything but no class description result link...

  • Hi all,

    i don't know when that started but when entering a search term into search box (there are two of them: the more common one (via google) and the one with the button "search doc") like e.g. "QMenu" to get to the class overview and get more info on that particular item....the search results show me all stuff related to QMenu BUT not the class description which i would expect to be the top most hit in the result list (instead i get lots of results related to source code etc....

    Even if i select the subtab qt4.7 or 4.8 documentation on the result page there is no direct link to the class description, making the web search through your website nearly senseless!

    However doing that search directly through google website --> perfect search results!

    Is there anything i can do to enable correct search results through your dev website? What am i doing wrong there?


  • welcome to devnet

    I have seen a similar behaviour when accessing the online documentation. Since I am just a user as well, I can tell only how I am getting around.

    When starting to type a drop-down list appears. Select the item you are looking for there and be a bit patient.
    When I was impatient and press just returned (once or twice), I have seen the same problem as you.
    I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Chrome.

    You should fiel a bug report on "JIRA": This will keep track of the problem and allows people to vote as well.
    Please post the link to the bug report here.

  • Honestly I prefer "Google even for searching Qt Documentation": :)

  • Ahaa,

    just figured out what's on with the "search doc" entry box :) seems that the automatic drop down result list for selecting the search term only appears if i enter the search term in small letters -->
    QMenu --> no result in drop down box

    qmenu --> drop down box shows all potential result and selecting one leads directly into the class description --->

    However...for me it is a little strange that selecting the drop down entry directs me into the class index whereas simply pressing enter in the search box (which contains the exact same search term as in the drop down list) leads to lots of trash results...seems to be a feature not a bug...



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