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Bug Tracker FAQ outdated - Please update for old Task Tracker IDs

  • Hello,

    this seems to need an overhaul:
    Section 7 says:
    * Click the "Find Issues" button at the top of any Qt Bug Tracker page
    * At the bottom left of the form enter the Task Tracker ID in the field "t4id"
    * Click the "View >>" button to display the Qt Bug Tracker issue that matches the provided Task Tracker ID.

    Hah, that was yesterday.

    You just need to go to

    and look for the field "Find old TaskTracker issue: " (darn easy to overlook!!)
    However, do not see this as a complaint, I'm even glad you make it so simple to search for old Task Tracker IDs.

    But describing the way more complicated method in the FAQ may not be the best thing to do...

  • Also note that the old database is incomplete. It only contains items that were still open at the time of the move. That may sound trivial, but I was in a situation where a bug got fixed at some time in the past, and we were trying to trace the fix and the version that happened. We could not, bug entry was no longer in the system.

    So: not all ID's will work.

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