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Remember login using OpenID

  • While it is possible to remember the login information using normal credentials, it would be really useful if you could do the same with OpenID login. The whole thing is built to do a sort of single sign-on, and every time I have to enter my OpenID to enter here. It would be more convenient to log in normally and have my credentials remembered, which wouldn't make sense, as that is possibly more convenient than using OpenID.

  • Thanks Franzk, makes sense so added it to our to-do list.

  • I'm bringing up this thread since I've noticed that DevNet doesn't remember about my OpenID login any more (but it used to do that!). Did anything change? :)

  • We did some small changes to the OpenID pages two weeks ago - we turned off the caching server-side due to reported problems with that.

    This means that the headers your browser gets are changed slightly, but it should still be able to remember it. At least after one entry.

    @All: If someone else has the same issue, please report here.

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