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[Solved] How to make multi QPushButton to activate slot

  • Hello.

    I am trying to make a simple game that will have 9 QPushButtons. I am trying to make single conection that will have all 9 QpushButton and slot, and when I click the button, that button will change text, with help of slot.

    I have tried doing this like:
    @connect(button1 | button2 | button3 | button4 | button5 | button6 | button7 | button8 | button9 |, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(buttonPressed()));@
    But it dosent work.

    Do you have some idea how can I do this???

  • You need to have nine different connect statements, but you can connect those to the same slot.

  • If you need to differentiate between what button was clicked, you should also look into [[doc:QSignalMapper]]. Also note that you can use a loop to do the connects, if you don't want to make 9 connect statements in your code.

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    I have made connections with QSignalMapper, but I still have one problem.

    I am trying to make a function that will on button click change text on the clicked button.

    So far I have made a function that changes text on button click but only on the last button, so when I click on the any button it will only change text on the last button.

    Can you please help me solve this problem.

  • You could keep using QSignalMapper for that, using the mapping to QWidget, but perhaps that gets a bit tedious. You could also use something like this:

    MyClass::buttonClicked() {
    QAbstractButton* button = qobject_cast<QAbstractButton*>(sender());
    if (!button)
    return; // not called from button


    And then simply connect all the buttons clicked signals to this one slot.

  • Thank you very much for help

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