[ANN] Component for Qt QtitanDataGrid 2.7 has been released!

  • Developer Machines pleased to announce that version of the component QtitanDataGrid 2.7 has been released.
    This version contains fixes for all known errors and a number of improvements in the internal mechanisms. It also adds a few properties and signals for more convenient work with the product. In addition in this version you will find French, German and Russian translations so the grid will be more native for users.

    What is QtitanDataGrid?

    QtitanDataGrid is a commercial counterpart of the QTableView that offers a truly extraordinary possibilities to present tabular data to the end-user. Component absorbed all modern achievements in the area of the user interface construction for displaying tables. This Qt data grid component was created entirely in Qt/C++, which had a very positive effect on its speed, especially in cases with large and extra large sets of data. QtitanDataGrid is fully integrated with QtDesigner, so it will seamlessly fit into your familiar development environment and guarantees 100% compliance with the Qt GUI.


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