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[solved] Download link to Qt framework sources missing

  • I know it's not directly relevant for the devnet pages:
    There is no easily available download link for the Qt framework source packages.

    I went to Resources on DevNe, then clicked on Download, which brings me "here":http://qt.nokia.com/downloads. On that page there is no download link for the Qt framework.

  • True. You have to choose the license you want to use first, then you will see all possible downloads.

  • And I have to choose a platform - only then there are the source packages. I did not expect to choose win/mac/etc. to get to the source, knowing that these are the same :-) IMHO, it would be quite handy if there were links to the sources directly on the LGPL tab.

  • Good call, I've added "The source code is available here (199MB)." to the top of the LGPL tab on the Qt frameworks side.

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