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Making a website where to download my App, copyright? license?

  • Hello everybody. I'm developing an application for Raspberry Pi but it is cross-platform too (Windows and MacOS).
    I would like to make a website where people can download this application to start to test it and make the firsts bug reports and to start to divulgate my new app.
    Since I don't want to release my source code, should I pay the Qt license first?
    And to protect my application, should I request a copyright?

    Thanks you.

  • @Giridhar Depends on the components. What are your dependencies, code-wise?
    Some Qt modules are on GPL, which is a viral license.
    Most commonly used, I believe, is on LPGL - as long as you adhere to this license requirements, you can hold on to your codebase.
    And then there is a question of external dependencies and their licenses.

  • @artwaw

    As I understood, GPL and LGPL don't let me to hold my codebase, by the way, these are the module added inside my .pro file:

    gui sql
    qml quick

    I'm using widgets and qml modules because I still have some old .ui file that will be converted to qml. As external dependencies I will use the KDAB's "KDDockWidgets".
    But what about to don't let other user to steal my idea and don't let them to make a copy of my app? Copyright right? 😂
    After all, when I need the Qt license? Maybe when I should use my app to make profit?

  • @Giridhar LGPL allows you to hold on to your code as long as you fulfil the license requirements. Please read the license.

    Some Qt modules are exclusively available under paid license only. Others under free licenses.

    I think it might be of value for you to consult a lawyer with expertise covering IP/software licensing.

  • @Giridhar said in Making a website where to download my App, copyright? license?:

    don't let other user to steal my idea

    On the personal note - ideas can't be stolen. The worst that can happen is that someone does better implementation than you can.

  • Ok, I think that these are the modules under the LGPL. I'm reading right now. If I find some troubles I will write here.

    Edit: I found this that maybe could be of help to someone.

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