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QT6 Using QVideoSink with QCamera to process every frame

  • I`m digging example qt6 6.2.2 and found next line code:


    this is the way of outing frames to ui.

    I know what QVideoSinc is used for grab every frame and process it.

    I have replaced this line with


    where videoSinc defined as my class :

    class MyVideoSinc : public QVideoSink
        bool videoframeReady=false;
            connect(this, &QVideoSink::videoFrameChanged, this, &MyVideoSinc::hvideoFrameChanged);
    public Q_SLOTS:
        void hvideoFrameChanged(const QVideoFrame &frame)

    hvideoFrameChanged raised for every frame in Windows build, but only once in Android application.

    What is wrong here. How to grab and process frames from QCamera in QT6 ? I don`t want show frames with ui->viewfinder. I need processing frames myself.