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QT Online installer - Cannot retrieve remote tree

  • Is there an issue with the installer?


    I tried last night installing and while downloading it seemed to stall at 33%. I left it overnight and it was still stuck, so closed, restarted the installer and restarted the process.

    Connects to my account, accept licence and then it goes to download meta data and times out.

    Anybody else seen this? I saw a post back in January 21 that the backend server was down for a day, but not seen anything today.

    Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 11.56.57.jpg

    No idea how to raise this to support. Want to trial the product, but it does not even install ! No obvious contact.

    Is this even the right forum for installer issues?


    I have closed, restarted, deleted the installer, redownloaded and nothing. Same things. I expect the initial installer that failed at 33% has hidden files that are still dangling as it remembers my login on restarting the installer even after deleting what I can find.

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