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[no need to discuss]Winwidget quit immediately(return 1) made with converted VC project from Qt project.

  • About qtwinmigrate-2.8_1-opensource\examples\winwidget
    When I nmaked this example from VC command prompt, Application works fine.

    In the case I converted winwidget.pro to winwidget.vcproj(qmake -tp vc winwidget.pro
    ) and rebuild the above application by VC2008express,
    Both compiling and linking is OK , but winwidget.exe quit immediately and return code=0x01.

    It seems that QWinWidget win(hWnd) fails....because when I commnet out lines related to QWinWidget, one window appear.

    Please help me!

  • Hi jackbauer_777, it should be Qt and not QT (Quick Time)

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