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Canonic | Open Source QML Web Browser

  • A open source QML web browser that can be used in an existing browser via webassembly or natively (if you build from source)

    Try Canonic in your native browser via WebAssembly here.

    Canonic web browser themes screenshot

    Feedback would be appretiated! If you encounter any problems I want to know.
    Also if you have your own QML projects that you host anywhere (Github / custom domain / etc) feel free to test them with the browser as they may work out of the box.

    If you want your QML project added to the Canonic QML web directory then let me know as well!




  • Something approximating documentation is now available at:
    [I]Excuse my dyslexia for the many typos that no doubt exist.[/I]

    Hopefully Canonic gets .mdx support in the not so to distant future so the docs can be browsed in the browser itself.

    A proper html landing page is next in line however so that mobile and mac users have something pretty to look at.

  • I've updated the website to make it into a html landing page and moved the actual app to

    Hopefully now if you are on a platform or browser with less than stellar WASM support (MacOS / mobile) you can now at least view the website to see what Canonic is about.

    A user over on r/browsers suggested I turn it into a progressive web app (PWA) so that it can actually be installed which may be the next move. It would save me a lot of work dealing with sandboxing, at least for now. I'm not sure if Qt users would see that as heresy though :)

    Various other bug fixes and performance changes have also been made.

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