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Annoucement: New Qt-based PDF rendering/viewing/editing/manipulating library PDF4QT, open source LGPLv3

  • Dear Qt users,

    I would like to inform you about my project, PDF4QT. I began this project in year 2018 as my private project, and now, I think, it is ready to be released for public beta testing. Long term goal of this project is to offer full support of PDF 2.0 specification as add-on library for Qt. I know, that Qt offers its own PDF module, but, it lacks many functionality. My project offers much more, as optional content handling, signature verification, encryption support, form filling, color management, annotations, text to speech, optimalization, sensitive content redaction, page manipulation, document merging and splitting and much more. Also, I offer several applications, which use this library, such as document viewer/editor, or command line tool.

    I am aware, that some other projects also implements this functionality, but they are very often using viral licenses such as GPL/AGPL. I want to be more benevolent, so PDF4QT project uses LGPL license, version 3, so it is usable also in commercial applications. I do not want to restrict people from using my library.

    Project can be found at this website:

    And public beta release is available here:

    I hope you will find my 3-year work useful.

    PS. I will be very happy if you can contribute in a form of testing, advices, opinions... But I also want to keep control of the rights to my project, so if you want to contribute, Contributor License Agreement must be signed.

    Please do not respond on my email, but if you want to discuss this software, use following discussion forum:

    Best regards

    Jakub Melka

  • Windows only. Not much useful...

  • Hello, there will be prepared a linux port. Please be patient.

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