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Debug DLLs are not installed

  • I built QT 6.2RC1 for Windows with the following configuration:

    configure.bat -prefix %MY_INSTALL_PATH% -DQT_NO_EXCEPTIONS=1 -debug-and-release -force-debug-info -platform win32-msvc -opensource -confirm-license ^
    -opengl es2 -I "C:\Program Files\OpenSSL\include" -L "C:\Program Files\OpenSSL\lib"
    cmake --build . --parallel

    Both release and debug DLLs were built, but when I did

    cmake --install .

    only release DLLs where copied to my installation directory. What did I do wrong?

    And Debug build of my app links release DLLs.

    As a workaround I built separate release and debug versions of QT 6.2:

    configure.bat -prefix %MY_INSTALL_PATH% -DQT_NO_EXCEPTIONS=1 -release -force-debug-info -platform win32-msvc -opensource -confirm-license
    configure.bat -prefix %MY_INSTALL_PATH% -DQT_NO_EXCEPTIONS=1 -debug -platform win32-msvc -opensource -confirm-license

    See my blog post for more information on the build steps.

  • @Dmitriano It is because you use

    cmake --install .

    but not

    ninja install

  • @Dmitriano Thank you very much! I am so grateful for your help!

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