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Taking education licence for myself

  • Hi,
    I think, I don't need an education licence as an MSc student but my needs not releated school and, I don't know any teacher interest in my Electronic Engineering Faculity though I need to QT for MCUs for this education which I need just QT for MCUs. [Note: this not exactly my class as gave education link just a similar one]

    I tought first using an trial for just this training which I need just QT for MCUs., not need much efort easy peasy :)
    I think this guide video directed me this way after get attention the clarification . But I think need a licence but have to ensure.

    I could not install the Qt for MCUs package neither on Linux nor on ms windows. First I thought lack of support to Linux side but whenever install win 10 and tried testing content of education it actually same as same.

    Actually, I don't ask my educater much cause this situation not interst area of installing.

    1. qt-unified-linux-x64-4.1.1-online
    2. qt-unified-windows-x86-4.1.1-online

    You know these installation packages Try Qt section on Qt which I have tried.

    First, I need to ask do I need licence for QT for MCUs trying?
    Second, If I need a licence, how can I get this licence as indivudial student? Can I do this? Cause customer servicer directed me to this form.

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    Hi @Maxemilian, and welcome!

    Qt for MCUs is a commercial product, intended for companies who want to create products based on microcontrollers. So yes, you need to purchase a license to use Qt for MCUs.

    May I ask how you plan to use Qt, and what devices you want to target? If you want to do some tinkering on a Linux-based embedded device, then the open-source version of Qt might be suitable:

  • Hi @JKSH, thank you, it's great to be here
    My board STM32F469I-DISCO

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    @Maxemilian said in Taking education licence for myself:

    My board STM32F469I-DISCO

    OK, the open-source version of Qt doesn't cover that.

    If your university has an Educational license, then you might be able to get access to Qt for MCUs through your university:

    Unfortunately, Qt for MCUs (and other commercial products) doesn't appear to be available for individual students. But just in case I'm wrong, I'll ping @AndyS who might have more details.

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