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[Moved] Contemplating a "Feature unlock" library

  • Guys,

    I'm contemplating developing a "feature unlock" system for a Qt application I have in mind, and am wondering if this would be of value to anyone else doing Qt stuff.

    The application idea I have in mind is (as of yet poorly formed) however, the way the business will make money is by selling unlocks to end-users; e.g. "for a dollar more, unlock this feature". The idea isn't to be greedy, just earn enough to put food on the table, and prevent me from having to take a "real job" again :).

    The client side would use signed unlock files (e.g. like license management), the transport for these files would be https using Qt's stack, and the back end would be fairly standard web technology (an ACID database, web application stack, pluggable payment gateway).

    My questions therefore, are:

    Would this be of benefit to you or your application?

    Would you pay for such a library and associated web-backend system (e.g. where you setup your own hosted system)?

    Do you know of other similar systems out there?



    [Moved: to right forum for this topic /Vass]

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