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Qt Quick Form Editor cannot display window

  • HI,

    I'm a relative newbie to Qt (used it a bit about 8 years ago). I've installed the default Qt 6.1 Open Source option on a Windows 10 machine, while I'm learning it.

    I'm trying the tutorial, "Creating a Qt Quick Application" (Qt Quick Application - Empty), for MinGW 64-bit. I use the default options in the setup (but there is no step #8 where it asks for screen resolution).

    main.qml is:

    import QtQuick 2.15
    import QtQuick.Window 2.15

    Window {
    width: 640
    height: 480
    visible: true
    title: qsTr("Hello World")

    When I go into Design view and select Form Editor, I get the error:
    "Cannot open this QML document because of an error in the QML file:
    Line: 1: Qt Quick emulation layer crashed."

    Can someone please point me to a solution for this? Thank you!


  • Addendum here: my online searches have found this error occurring in many previous versions, but none of them so far have had a definitive resolution.

    I also downloaded the trial licenced version, and still had the same error (one of the postings I found suggested that the error only occurred in the opensource version).

    When such a basic example doesn't work, it doesn't bode well for shelling out the cost of the commercial licence.

  • Hi, even i am facing the same issue with same configurations mentioned above ... Is there any solutions for this?

  • I also want to know if any of you managed to get it working Qt Creator 4.5.1 with Qt6 and Designer

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