Image processing using Qt

  • Looking for a idea or can this be done in Qt.
    Retrieve / display images (photo) in sort of "thumb nail" preview.
    Select an image and let the software retrieve similar images from other folders.
    As a example :
    "preview" folder contains image with a license plate
    select such image, optionally zoom on the license plate -screen shot style
    retrieve images from another folder containing license plate.

    Can this be done in Qt?

    I am not asking for code or implementation , just want to know if Qt could be

    Looks like QVison is NOT the way to go . Need something more recent .

  • openCV is the standard in open source image computer vision processing. Qt can be a gui wrapper around the process but the heavy lifting is more effectively done by a separate tool like openCV.

  • @Kent-Dorfman I have found an Qt example of "photo processing" It uses QML and to be honest there is not much to see how QML makes life easier.
    I guess I'll stick with MDI example which uses "normal " windows scheme.
    And yes, I have done some basic work with OpenCV and planning to use it.
    In those days it was common to ask for "how to identify license plate" and OpenCV was pretty good at that - in very few lines of code.

  • @AnneRanch said in Image processing using Qt:

    It uses QML and to be honest there is not much to see how QML makes life easier.

    Pure opinion, but I'm purely a c++ hacker and QML always seemed like hype to me anyways.

    My early openCV was analysing thermal video point clouds of bats emerging from roosts after dark...and demonstrating the technical challenges of accurately counting the bats as they pass thru the frame when the customer wanted to do it on the cheap with low framerate cameras and wouldn't impose scene rules for how the emergence point should be framed. Tracking overlaying blob movement in successive frames is easy. Point clouds are way too random, especial when the point velocities can approach 70mph.

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