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  • Our Company : RSA COSMOS
    SME based 10 km from Saint-Etienne, Loire, France (25 employees).
    Software solution developer for planetarium.
    International actor in popular science.
    Present in Europe / United States / Asia / Latin America.

    The job :
    You will integrate the development team of Studio, the UI of our software suite.

    The mission :

    • Design (specifications, UX/UI, analysis) and develop the functionalities that will be entrusted to you.
    • Integrate these features in the final product (tests, acceptance, technical documentation, valuation...).

    You will also need to :

    • Contribute to the effort to correct, improve and optimize the software.
    • Suggest improvements for the company's products.
    • Occasionally participate in customer service if the problem is related to the use or operation of the software.
    • Occasionally participate in international trips in the event of a peak in activity.

    Technical environment :

    • C++11 / Qt 5.15 / QML
    • CMake, Mercurial, Redmine
    • Visual Studio, Qt Creator
    • Windows 10 (95%), macOS/iPadOS (5%, portage)"

    30000 to 40000 euros per year.

    Interested ? please send your CV and a motivation letter to

  • Hi Anthony,
    I`m a Python software developer and researcher.
    My HTML CV:
    Also, the website for employers:
    Best Regards,

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