[bug] search navigation issue

  • I searched for the word "search", got a bunch of results, went to the Forum results tab.
    It showed 10 pages of results in the bottom. I clicked on the link for page 10, it took me to 8th page and page no. 9 and 10. were gone in the navigation links at the bottom, I selected page 3, now page 1 to 10 were again back in the navigation links. I click on page 10, it takes me back to page 8 ....

  • Looks like the Google Custom Search page lists paginations for "all results" also for results under the other tabs.

    We're using a fairly plain version of this product from Google, our influences on this would be small at best.

  • If it does list all, then it should be consistent, but it keeps jumping from one count to another

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