DOESN"T WORK D-Bus Remote Controlled Car Example

  • Hello, I try to send integer value from one to another programme using for IPC QtDBUS(they are different executable files). My attempts to find simple example was unsuccessful. So, I am forced to build huge example D-Bus Remote Controlled Car Example like for one who has never used QtDBus.
    I repeated full tree structure(sources, headers). But one file controller.h includes #include "ui_controller.h". There is no such file.
    So, I am not able to compile.

    Maybe, is there something that I don't understand?

  • This file is generated from the UI file created with Qt designer. You should run uic to create it manually. The compilation sequence in linux should be:

    $ qmake -project
    $ qmake
    $ make

    uic is executed inside the qmake command. If you use Qt Creator this is done automatically.

    For more info see the qmake and uic documentation.

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