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How to use the Conan 3D package?

  • I've installed this through MaintenceTool. But none of the documentation says how to actually use it. If I try to use Conan in my project with this line


    This cmake gives 1273n lines of error output, most of it some JS & CSS form JFrog,

    Response from remote is not json, but 'text/html; charset=utf-8'. [Remote: ConanCenter]

    This is on the current release of Mac OS.

    If I don't use conan, but use the standard

    find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS 3dextras widgets REQUIRED)

    I get

    Could NOT find Qt63dextras (missing: Qt63dextras_DIR)

    Any help appreciated.

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    Check out . The easiest setup currently is to install qt3d into the Qt SDK by running

    <QtSdk>/Tools/Conan/conan install qtnetworkauth/6.0.2@qt/final --build=missing --profile=<QtSdk>/Tools/Conan/profiles/<right_profile>

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