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Looking for an immediate embedded SW contractor (C++/Qt5) for our robotic system.

  • My team at Intuitive Surgical has a need for a short term contractor (3-6 months) in the San Francisco Bay Area who has experience in developing Qt application using C++ on embedded Linux. This position will help the team to implement UI elements and debug UI issues. Remote work is not a possibility because we need in-person testing on the Robot. Below is the requirements and responsibilities:

    • Develop simple and elegant interfaces for the embedded products, using C++/Qt5 and other tools in an embedded Linux environment.
    • Implement the visual language of the product.
    • Fluent in object oriented programming using C/C++ is a must
    • Experience with GUI development frameworks; experience with Qt is a strong plus
    • Experience with 3D graphics frameworks (OpenGL, Vulkan, etc.) is a plus

    If interested, send email to duc.nguyen@intusurg.com

  • Hello there!

    Hope you’re doing good

    Email sent, Please check

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Hi,
    I`m a Python software developer and researcher.
    With C / C++ / Qt4 / Qt5 / Qt6 / QML / OpenGL / experience.
    My HTML CV: https://volodymyr14.pythonanywhere.com/cv
    Also, the website for employers:
    Best Regards,

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