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Develop Qt & QML Online and Improve Your App Lifecycle Management

  • As a software engineer, you can use different tools and programming languages that make your work easier. Grab a laptop, download an application development tool and get creative. Though it’s not that simple, actually.

    There are many target platforms, development kits, languages, processor types, compilers, and technologies stacked on top of each other. All the related lower-level tools require installation, setup, and maintenance.

    A cloud solution eliminates the need for an own, functional development environment.
    This can save a lot of time and worries whenever you don’t have Qt Creator and local toolchains at hand.

    alt text

    The Felgo Cloud IDE is a web-based development environment for Qt and QML projects right within your browser. Access and edit your Qt projects from anywhere in the world, without installing anything on your computer.

    As the Cloud IDE builds upon GitLab, you can also control your app lifecycle with features like Git-repository management, issue tracking, and code review.

    This cloud-based development environment for Qt should not be missing in your toolbox! 🧰