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[ANN] QxOrm 1.4.8 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.6 released : the Qt ORM/ODM supports Qt6 and PIMPL idiom

  • Hello,

    QxOrm library 1.4.8 and QxEntityEditor application 1.2.6 just released.

    QxOrm library 1.4.8 changes log :

    • Support Qt6 (tested with MSVC 2019 + CMake 3.19 on Windows) ==> QxOrm library is compatible with Qt4, Qt5 and Qt6
    • Support PIMPL idiom for persistent classes (useful to reduce compilation times, to provide a stable ABI, ascendant compatibility for shared libraries, to reduce binaries size)
    • Documentation about PIMPL idiom for persistent classes :
    • New sample project named qxBlogPImpl in ./test/ directory of QxOrm package to show how to implement persistent classes using the PIMPL idiom
    • Possibility to ignore soft delete behavior during a session execution (useful to fetch logical deleted instances for example) : qx::QxSession::ignoreSoftDelete()
    • Fix SQL DISTINCT keyword in qx::QxSqlQuery class (when DISTINCT is used, then the primary key is not fetched)
    • Fix an issue which could happen after enabling _QX_ENABLE_QT_NETWORK compilation option (due to QT_NO_SSL/QT_NO_OPENSSL used in QxThread.cpp file)
    • Fix an issue in qx::QxSqlDatabase and multi-thread context when a thread identifier is reused (GitHub issue #42)
    • Add new behavior to qx::QxSession class with setAutoRollbackWhenDestroyed() option : if true, then database rollback is called when session instance destructor (or close() method) is invoked (instead of commit by default, GitHub issue #43)

    QxEntityEditor application 1.2.6 changes log :

    • Support PIMPL (private implementation) idiom in the C++ export plugin
    • Documentation about PIMPL idiom for persistent classes :
    • Fix import database schema for PostgreSQL version 12 and +
    • Fix some assertions on macOS and linux versions due to libavoid library compiled without NDEBUG compilation option (should improve performance too)
    • Add CMake 'target_precompile_headers' command for generated CMakeLists.txt files to support precompiled headers building with CMake (reduce compilation times)

    alt text

    You can download latest version of QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application on QxOrm website.
    QxOrm source code is also available on GitHub.

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