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Announce : AdaStudio-2021 release 01/01/2021 free edition

  • I'm please to announce AdaStudio-2021
    In new AdaStudio release was added Qt6Ada support for new framework Qt-6.0.0.
    I added some packages from Qt-5.15.0 open source (qtcharts qtconnectivity qtgraphicaleffects qtimageformats qttexttospeech qtlocation qtlottie qtmultimedia qtsensors qtserialbus qtserialport qtwebchannel

    Qt6ada version 6.0.0 open source and qt6base.dll ,qt6ext.dll (win64),, built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 x64bin Windows, gcc x86-64 in Linux.
    Package tested with gnat gpl 2020 ada compiler in Windows 64bit , Linux x86-64 Debian 10.0
    I built Qt6 binaries for win64 and x86-64 and include them into AdaStudio-2021(qt6ada directory)

    Known problems :

    1. for quick3d and quickcontrols2 plugins I have got unresolved entry points qml_registr_types_QtQuick3D(),
      so some examples no work propertly.
    2. in linux multimedia plugins no built propertly and services is no works (qtavada works fine)
    3. webengine no works and it no added to qt6ada
      Qt 6 is new long time project and I hope to solve this problems in next release.

    Qt6Ada is built under аGNU GPLv3аlicense

    Qt6Ada and VTKAda for Windows, Linux (Unix) is available from
    web page or Google drive (google drive. It can be mounted as virtual drive or directory or viewed with Web Browser)
    The full list of released classes is in "Qt6 classes to Qt6Ada packages relation table.docx"

    The latest hacker attacks will force many companies to reconsider technologies based on scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl, Java Script and others, in which it is much easier to replace code than in translated modules. Therefore, interest in a language such as Ada should greatly increase.

    If you have any problems or questions, tell me know.


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