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TIFF file problems in qt6

  • Hi there!

    In qt5+, I had no problems opening (non-tiled) regular TIFF files. We have a software that opens all png, jpg and tiff files in a directory - and that works just fine on qt5.

    When upgrading to qt6, tiff files that are loaded (img.load("blah.tiff")) will have a reported size of (0,0). No warnings or errors are issued. Using qt6.0.0 desktop (windows MSVC 2019, macOS clang) provided from the maintenance tool downloader.

    Any ideas?

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    Can you provide a small tiff file to reproduce the issue? Maybe open a bug report and assign it to me.

  • @leuat Hi, there is optional plugin imageformats (available for download via the Maintenance Tool) - it is provided as source code only and you need to build it in order to use it. Have you done that?

    EDIT: re TIFF support

  • @artwaw ah, thanks - that was .. unexpected. I'll see if I can make it work on a windows pc when I'm back at work, I'm currently on Apple M1 and have built qt 6.0.0 from scratch for ARM (same issue is here as well). Some questions then:

    a) Will the image formats plugin be available pre-compiled as a plugin download in the future? My software package(s) is (are) deployed to windows/linux/macOS (x86 + arm), which means there will be a hell of a lot of stuff to maintain / compile up. Right now, I'm having enough trouble with ARM stuff + getting Qt6 to work as it is

    b) It would be nice if trying to use a non-installed plugin in qt6 would yield an error / warning instead of simply.. doing nothing. This error fell completely through our testing, as we weren't aware of the problem until several users started reporting garbage 128-byte empty tiff files everywhere.

    Anyway for now we're considering rolling back to qt5 unless I get the image plugin working. Thanks for the reply!

    (and to compensate for the negative vibe : qt is awesome. I wouldn't have been able to do all this stuff without your amazing framework!)

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    They will be provided once they're ported to CMake.
    Currently there is no reason to use Qt6.0 at all due to such incomplete stuff.

  • FYI the problem was resolved after manually compiling up the imageformats package + adding it to the build dir. For future references: please make sure that if you try to load an image file that is currently not supported, then provide some sort of feedback to the user (developer)!

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