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[suggestion] New forum for Qt based Server

  • Many server related questions are being discussed in the Desktop forum, I think we also need a new Forum for Qt based Server.
    One area where more action is needed from Qt world too? I earlier searched for a ready to use Server implementation based on Qt, but wasn't very successful. But am sure we'll see more apps coming forth going forward :)
    This forum can also address the Qt Network module based discussions?

  • That is not really in line with what Nokia is shouting to the world right now (which is QML QML QML Qt Quick QML Qt Quick QML QML Qt Quick), but personally, I agree that this is a good idea. Writing Qt-based servers is a snap compared to many other environments (and a nice and easy way to do test automation for your client software).

  • In the way we're going we will need to create one forum for each Qt module.

    I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, I'm just pointing...

  • Not related to this request, but we're getting some feedback that the amount of forums we have is enough as it is. Even though this request makes sense on it's own. We shall visit this once DevDays is over.

  • ummm, with days passing I think desktop forum might get too many entries ... or maybe this is something that is to be visited then :)

  • We have 297 threads in Desktop now, by forum standards that is not yet a lot, but yes we should keep an eye on these things and be ready to act when needed. On standby for now. :)

  • ok, but still logically server is no desktop :P

  • Yes, we will likely make another forum since it makes good sense, but we should then also find a forum to remove, or merge, if we can. One in, one out - if we can :)

  • sure, you know that some hyperactive moderators are always at your service should you need any help :P heh heh

  • Sorry you can't be hyperactive with the Qt team in Munich today, from the pictures they send and the messages we get it looks to be pretty fantastic :)

  • just reminds me what an opportunity I have to miss :( ... well there is always a next time :)

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