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quick 3d shader and custom geometry

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    Hi, I am using custom shaders and custom geometry in Quick3d of Qt6. I now have 2 questions:

    1. How to pass a VARYING variable of int type from vertex shader to fragment shader. I need it to be "flat", which is not interpolated.
      When I using int type as the above image, I have this shader compiling errors:
      I have also tried to add "flat" or "flat in" to the declaration of the "VARYING int patten" and I just couldn't get it right. Can you please give a example of how to use a "VARYING variable" of int type?

    2.When I use custom geometry, it seems that I can add custom Semantic to the vertex data, is this right? While I can use "VERTEX" in vertex shader to access the PositionSemantic vetex data, if I can add custom Semantic, then how can I access the custom Semantic data in vertex shader?
    If we can't add custom Semantic now, will it be possible to do so in the future version of Qt6?


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