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Internship Paris, France

  • Hello,

    My company is developing Augmented reality and entertainment application that use Qt/Qml/Ogre3D.
    We are in Paris, France. We are also seeking for engineers students for internship (3 month minimum, 6 is better).
    Good skills in C++, Qt (qml) , ogre3d.

    you can contact me at kinetic.move (at)

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    I think there are 3 question that need answering here:

    do you provide any place to live in Paris, or at least can help with renting a flat/hotel?

    are the interns paid (at least paid enough to live in Paris)?

    is knowledge of French required?

  • 1- I can't provide Hotel or flat
    2- the interns are paid ... but to be honest, my company is small... and the price to live in Paris are heavy
    3- French knowledge is best ... but why not about somebody speaking english ... if she/he can understand my english :)

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    :/ A bit discouraging. Although I like the "small company" bit a lot.

    The problem with me is that:
    a) I don't speak ANY French, so renting a flat, or even buying some stuff in shops, would be difficult for me,
    b) I've stayed in Paris for 5 days this year, paying 40 euros a day for a "hotel" (Polish Science Academy, hence the quotes) - if I had to pay that much for 3/6 months it would be quite a heavy burden. I don't require much money though - if I have enough to live by, I'm fine.

    Well, we'll see. I'll probably send you my CV tomorrow. If you get someone who speaks French (or, of course, has better qualifications), don't hesitate to take him/her.

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