Badges - waiting time

  • I sent a request about adding badge through more than 10 days ago - and there is no any reply yet.

    By studying some previous topics - seems sometime ago somebody 'reacted' in 1-2 working day, but it might be that the situation is changed already.

    Please could somebody clarify, what is the current waiting time? Is it less than 1 month, will I receive a reply still in December (better before Christmas, of course), or not?

    Anyway, it would be nice to send at least 'automatic notification' somehow.

  • I think that due to the SF Developer Days, waiting times have been a bit longer the last few weeks than what we were used to.

  • Update - I have received a paper certificate (yesterday, so it took me only 2 weeks).

    And still no any reaction to the site message. I think I have to re-send it again, seems it is lost.

  • And one additional thing about my printed certificate - there is a signature but there is no any transcript / printed name of person who signed.

    Interesting, is the certificate still valid or not?

    P.S. Seems signature is the same like on the official sample:

  • I saw your message today and assigned you the badge; I must have missed your earlier one.

  • Thank you very much.

    It really might be just some problems on the server side, at least right now I am not able to reply for quite a long time due to "Error Message: Unable to receive your submission at this time ".

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