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Qt Creator workspace

  • Currently in Qt Creator you have part specific workspaces like : edit, design, debug etc.
    But they only allow you to work in only 1 way, and this doesn't allow the developer/designer to customize those workspaces to how they work and to make them more productive.

    An example of the workspace customize-ability is in Visual Studio.

    A mockup of a more custom workspace for Qt creator : "http://www.mediafire.com/i/?z85h8k80d6rck05":http://www.mediafire.com/i/?z85h8k80d6rck05

    [edit: fixed link / chetankjain]

  • @DevPB, converted url texts to link

  • Hm, can't find any differences between your mockup and normal Creator behavior (except design things like position of elements).

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1286787696"]Hm, can't find any differences between your mockup and normal Creator behavior (except design things like position of elements).[/quote]

    It won't be much different except that you would be able to dock, undock, add, remove and move the docking windows to your liking.Hence be able to customize the current workspace to suit your needs.

  • Not sure that docking editor windows will be ok in current concept of QtCreator. Maybe some way to move them to another screen, but not floating inside one screen. If you want two or more editors you can split view.

  • I wouldn't mind the docking feature, thus changing the layout to my liking. Such a feature in Qt creator would always be welcome

  • So how is your approach better? What is the use case that is improved by changing creator?

    We think that there is little to gain by adding flexibility. On the other hand we lose quite a bit of discoverability...

  • @Tobias Hunger

    Yes you are right, it may be less discoverable. But let's say for example that you guys added database support, then it could be useful for the user if he/she could move the workspace in such a way to show the database contents and their code at the same time. This could appeal to users that have the desire to get more work done not switching source to view content.

    Even if it doesn't give any gain in flexibility now, it may make a nice foundation when you guys add new functionality later on.

  • A database view would most likely be an editor, not a mode (the buttons on the left side), so it can be shown next to another editor showing the code.

    A netbook has a screen 600pixels high and creator should work there, so we are severely limited with regard to vertical space. This means we can not just add arbitrary new modes, so we expect the modes to stay rather static at this time. Or can you think of additional activities that a developer does that requires a radically different screen layout that we currently not support?

  • Tobias Hunger, is there any chance that doc mode will return to ctrl+5 position? It is used much more than project mode and ctrl+6 is harder shortcut to press then ctrl+5.

  • Denis: Currently there are no plans for that. In fact you are the first to mention a preference for Ctrl-5 that I am aware of.

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