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Qt Certificate Delivery

  • I took the two exams

    31 July 2020 021-002 Widget UI and Application Engine with Qt Pass
    13 July 2020 010-003 Qt and QML Essentials Pass

    Still I haven't received the certificates by mail. I thought they would be delivered latest 6 weeks.

    Is there currently some additional delay because of COVID?

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    Get in touch with your certificate authority (or Qt Company). This is a forum for Qt users, it's not frequented by people working on certification.

  • I tried it via the contact formuar on the qt website but I don't get any answer about the Issue.

    I also tried Pearson VUE but they told me I should ask QT Company directly.

    Is there any email address or somthing like that for that issue?

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    @sandro4912 said in Qt Certificate Delivery:

    Is there any email address or somthing like that for that issue?

    There's only a form for contact I'm afraid:

    If that failed, maybe @AndyS can help?

  • I send my question to exactly that form 8 days ago but still now response at all.

  • I got an answer from the qt company. They say it is currently delayed because of COVID. Maybe interesting for others in the situation.

  • Since I have not received the certificates with the contact formular people I found out the right contact for certificate is this email address:

    certification (at)

    From there I got the information that there is currently a bug in the Persona VUE System. When you finish an exam it states you get the certificate in 4 to 6 weeks but actually you never receive it because:

    Persona VUE does not notify automatically to Digia

    According to Digia they were thinking no one took the exam currently because of COVID so they were not aware that the notification system between Persona / Digia was broken.

    I had to send my passed exam dates so they manually start printing the certificates.

    Some days ago I received my certificates but printed with the name wrong. If you have special letters in you're name like in my case the german "ß" be aware that they maybe get printed wrong.

    So now I wait again for the certificates...

    But I have to say response from certification (at) is fast. I wish they would have stated this contact address somewhere more obvious....

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