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Incorrect touch state

  • Hi
    Iissue is sometimes touch is not detecting we getting error incorrect touchstate. When I analyse the issue this message is in qtbase/src/platformsupport/input/libinput/qlibinputtouch.cpp

    void QLibInputTouch::processTouchDown(libinput_event_touch *e)
    int slot = libinput_event_touch_get_slot(e);
    DeviceState *state = deviceState(e);
    *QWindowSystemInterface::TouchPoint tp = state->point(slot);
    if (tp) {
    qWarning("Incorrect touch state");
    else {
    QWindowSystemInterface::TouchPoint newTp;
    newTp.id = qMax(0, slot);
    newTp.state = Qt::TouchPointPressed;
    newTp.area = QRect(0, 0, 8, 8);

    Can anyone help me onthis?

    Divya R Dharan

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