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Master Your App Development Skills - Qt Training & Workshops

  • Hi Qt'ees!

    Would you like to improve your skills but cannot find the right resources to do it? If so, we have great news for you!😊

    Felgo offers beginner-level Qt training & tailored Qt workshops based on your requirements and level of experience.

    Don't waste your precious time on googling and hoping to find the right solution to your Qt related issues and concerns.

    The training sessions are tailored to help you improve your Qt skills while the individual workshops are designed to help you with your specific Qt challenges and issues.

    Book your seat and start spending your time on valuable things! ✨

    Qt Training Courses
    We currently offer five proven training courses:

    • Getting Started with Qt/QML
      An introduction course to Qt & QML for Qt Rookies.
      Upcoming course: 23.09.2020

    • Advanced QML Architecture
      Improve your project's architecture, performance & integrate platform native code.
      Upcoming course: 25.08.2020

    • Qt on Android & iOS
      Learn how to use Qt for your mobile app development on Android and iOS.
      Upcoming course: 02.09.2020

    • Felgo Getting Started
      Introduction to Felgo and its role within the Qt ecosystem.
      Upcoming course: 08.09.2020

    • Create a Successful Qt Product
      Learn how to launch a product based on the Qt Framework from the Felgo story.
      Upcoming course: 15.09.2020

    Qt Workshops
    Workshops are tailored to your individual needs. We currently offer five workshop topics:

    • Speed Up Embedded Development
      Save time with embedded development using the right cross-platform tools.

    • Network & Hardware Connectivity with Qt
      Use Qt to connect with devices and sensors via specific protocols and buses.

    • Qt Project Modernization
      Transition your legacy project to the latest Qt version features and build systems.

    • Qt for WebAssembly to Target the Web
      Learn how to port your existing Qt project to the Web with Qt for WebAssembly (WASM).

    • Qt Build Automation (CI/CD)
      Save time, increase quality and meet delivery dates with Qt build automation.

    We hope to see you there :)


  • Upcoming Training:
    Name: Advanced QML
    Date: August 25

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