Question about curriculum

  • Hi all
    I will take the Qt Essential Exam in 20 days
    In the curriculum I found this objective:
    XML in basics only

    Do they mean just th XML file structure or the XML module like Dom and SAX API.

    If someone took the exam, I can't find exam samples, did they ask difficult questions regarding the API, do you have to remember lot of API functions or the focus was on the skills of programming and basic API knowledge.


  • All people, who took the exam, signed a NDA, so we are not allowed to talk about the questions. But as the exam is a qt exam, that should be clear. It is about Qt and Qt classes, not about background of other stuff.

  • Gerolf

    I see, thanks for the reply.
    I guess I just have to prepared as much as I can.


  • "In the curriculum I found this objective" - it is not in cirriculum, it is from "References to Related Learning Materials".

    The only line in Cirriculum containing XML is: "Know the resource XML file structure"

  • You are right about it Denis
    Anyway I've read the chapter about XML, it's not that difficult, actually I found it very useful especially the SAX API to read files without loading the whole file into memory.
    Thanks for your replies

  • Don't only study the SAX API then, also take a look at QXmlStreamReader. It is even easier to use.

  • Thanks Andre
    QXmlStreamReader xml;
    while (!xml.atEnd()) {
    ... // do processing
    if (xml.error()) {
    ... // do error handling
    It's really easier and more clear, the reason I was asking about XML is the SAX, it's very complicated to remember all the API functions, now with this API I can write a great applications with simple code, I'll investigate it more deeply.
    thanks so much.

  • What you find here:
    and here:
    that will be enough for the exam (sure, I passed this exam).
    Buy (or download :)) these books, read them and you will pass this exam successfully. The exam itself is not so hard.

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