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QT Exam Curriculum Answers to Currciculum Points

  • I'm preparing currently for QT AND QML ESSENTIALS 010-003.

    For most topics in the curriculum I could find information in the Qt Documentation. However for some points I could not find good answers. Can you give me a hint here?

    Understand the difference between application development and device creation licenses.

    Device creation licenses means I have to pay for each device I deploy the app developed in qt?

    Basic differences between GPLv2 GPLv3 LGPLv2.1 LGPLv3

    Whats the difference between LGPL v. 2.1 and LGPL v. 3?

    String allocation and copying

    What to we need to know here? That QString is implicitly shared?

    Differences between ASCII literals, strings, and byte arrays

    ASCII literals: ???
    QStrting: 16 Bit unicode
    QByteArrays: To store raw data as bytes

    To be able to identify the best suited container type for your needs

    Default should be QVector. When to use the others like QList?

    Know essential STL algorithms

    Which are considered essential?

    Top-level widgets


    QML Designer

    What do we need to know about QML Designer?

    QML design process


    Element painting and clipping  (QML)


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