Qt developer looking for a full-time remote position

  • Greetings!

    My name is Georgi Georgiev and I live in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. Being unemployed due to COVID-19, I am looking for a new full-time remote position. I have experience with cross-compiled Qt C++ /QML applications and industrial hardware. I am passionate about open source software and hardware, IoT and everything automotive related.

    Here is something I am currently working on in my free time. (which is all the time actually)
    Ecustim runs on x86 and Android. Communicates via UART and Bluetooth (RFCOMM) to an Arduino board. The Arduino has several digital potentiometers attached via I2C and an ISR based trigger pattern generator in order to simulate running gasoline engine. The goal is easy to use bench tester for automotive ECUs.

    alt text

    More information about my work could be found here: github

    My CV could be found here: CV


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