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Swag : a presentation system

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    release v0.0.1

    Swag is a presentation system (like MS Powerpoint,, Prezi etc..) written in Qt/QML.
    v0.0.1 is the first stable version which has just been released.

    For now, the feature set is limited : create a document, add/remove slide, add/edit/remove elements (such as text, image, video, pdf, maps, MCQ, qml code...).

    swag screenshot

    download page :
    project source :
    licence : GPLv3

    As a free project, one can inspect, learn and improve its source, here are a few domain of interest regarding programming in swag :

    • Hot reload QML - the whole QML engine is reloaded when pressing Ctrl+R
    • PDF rendering using a webview and pdf.js
    • Syntax coloring using a TextArea and highlight.js
    • Using Wordpress as a backend via REST
    • dynamic creation of element with loader and/or js
    • CI with Github actions - automatic generation of dmg (MacOs), setup (Windows) and AppImage(Linux) on git tag creation

    Next milestone :

    • pdf generation
    • advanced feature using websocket to interact with several swag instances

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • release 0.0.2 Release Candidate #2

    Swag 0.0.2

    For this version, a special effort has been made on the UX design...not great yet but it is definetely better !

    From previous version, Swag is now offering the following features :

    • a (basic) integrated chat system based on websocket
    • support swag document type
    • support translation (for now only english and french are available)
    • live presenting
    • redesign of the element edition
    • the API for opening /saving/ closing a document has been greatly refactored to be much simpler

    Any help will be highly appreciated (coding, testing, translating, or giving feedback...) !

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