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QCharts QDateTimeAxis setRange() is not working as expected.

  • Hello,
    I using Qlineseries for plotting the charts,
    where for x axies i am using QDateTimeAxis,
    and setting the min max value using QdateTime.

     QDateTime strtDateTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime().addSecs(-7200);
     QDateTime endDateTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
     qDebug() << "start date" << strtDateTime <<"end date" <<endDateTime;
     axisX->setRange(strtDateTime, endDateTime);

    where debug prints is :

    start date QDateTime(2020-05-07 07:57:58.436 UTC Qt::LocalTime) end date QDateTime(2020-05-07 09:57:58.436 UTC Qt::LocalTime)

    but in chart x axis taking min value as 07:50 and max value 09:05 instead of 07:57:58 and 09:57:58 respectively as attached in the screenshot, how can i set proper min and max values.

    and x axies scaling is only two values even if selected 10 ticks.



  • For the chart did you call addAxis() and add the x axis to the chart? Also did you do the same thing with the line series calling attachAxis?

  • @MrShawn Thanks for the response,
    i have attached chart and axies.

    series1 = new QLineSeries();
    for(x;x;x) {
      series1->append(epochtime, vlaue);
      axisX = new QDateTimeAxis;
      axisX->setTitleText("Time Stamp");
      QDateTime strtDateTime = QDateTime::fromString(ui->lineEdit_startDateTime->text(),"dd-MM-yyyy : hh:mm");
      QDateTime endDateTime = QDateTime::fromString(ui->lineEdit_endDateTime->text(),"dd-MM-yyyy : hh:mm");
      chart->addAxis(axisX, Qt::AlignBottom);
          chart->addAxis(axisY1, Qt::AlignLeft);

  • Sorry, i understand my mistake
    we have to use

    axisX->setFormat("hh : mm");

    instead of this i was using

    axisX->setFormat("HH : MM");

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