[ANN] QxOrm 1.4.7 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.5 released : the Qt ORM/ODM improve MongoDB integration and fix macOS Catalina

  • Hello,

    QxOrm library 1.4.7 and QxEntityEditor application 1.2.5 just released.

    QxOrm library 1.4.7 changes log :

    • Fix a MongoDB issue with qx::dao::fetch_by_id_with_relation() (wrong id fetched)
    • Fix an issue with qx::dao::fetch_all when a custom list of columns with the primary key is used
    • Fix identifier JSON serialization for MongoDB with properties registered as Q_PROPERTY (Qt property meta system)
    • Fix a crash (seg fault) using qx::IxPersistable with multiple inheritance (for example QObject + qx::IxPersistable) due to some static_cast to void * in QxFactory module (fix also for QxService module and multiple inheritance)
    • Remove automatic relationship lazy fetch when not requested in query
    • Fix an issue with QJson and QDataStream serialization when class doesn't contain any identifier (so not a database class) and is a wrapper of another registered class (can have same address pointer as parent)
    • Improve qx::QxSqlQuery::freeText() method to add custom text to build SQL query : support placeholders (add second parameter const QVariantList & values)
    • Improve performance in a multi-threads environment (mutex in qx::IxSqlQueryBuilder)
    • New setting to display more details (execution times) in qx::dao functions logs (to enable this new feature : qx::QxSqlDatabase::getSingleton()->setDisplayTimerDetails(true))
    • Improve MongoDB integration to fetch a list of items : build C++ instances as soon as possible without putting data in a buffer (better performance + less memory usage)
    • Improve MongoDB integration : support qx::dao::delete_by_query() function with MongoDB aggregation framework
    • Improve qx::QxSqlQuery class (or its qx_query alias) : new addJoinQuery() method to insert SQL sub-queries inside LEFT OUT JOIN / INNER JOIN (more details in documentation here : https://www.qxorm.com/qxorm_en/manual.html#manual_3855)
    • Improve qx::QxSqlQuery class : new constructors with placeholders support + new methods to embed SQL sub-queries (in_Select, notIn_Select, isEqualTo_Select, isNotEqualTo_Select)
    • Improve qx::QxCollection class : qx::QxCollection is now a thread-safe container (fix for example QxModelView module when model is fetched in a different thread than the view)

    QxEntityEditor application 1.2.5 changes log :

    • Fix an issue with fonts on macOS Catalina 10.15
    • Add command line parameter --font : define application font with syntax <family>||<pointSize>||<weight>||<italic> (only <family> is required), for example : Courier New||14
    • Add command line parameter --style_sheet : define application style sheet (more details here : https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/stylesheet-reference.html), for example : QWidget { background-color: black }
    • Fix meta-data (property bag) C++ export : keep same order between several C++ exports (this is now easier to check differences between 2 C++ exports using WinMerge or any other comparison/diff tool)

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    You can download latest version of QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application on QxOrm website.
    QxOrm source code is also available on GitHub.

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